Population boom hastens wind farm upgrade, adds 4 more MW

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Population boom hastens wind farm upgrade, adds 4 more MW

Wind energy’s boom is hastening expansion at wind farms.

The California Energy Commission released its third annual report on California’s solar program Wednesday, highligh골목ting progress in the sector with new additions to the program, additional projects in the pipeline and the creation of additional solar projects.

The fourth edition of the report is expected in February, with the second report released in April.

“This is a great month to see a positive report out of our solar program,” said California Secretary of Energy Gavin Newsom. “California is on the verge of doubling 블랙 잭the sola경주안마r capacity of its utilities by 2020. This report will have a major impact on our decision making process regarding projects and the state’s commitment to energy efficiency. In fact, the report will be one of the key factors we will take into next week’s meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

The four-part report covers the year-to-date (April 2014 through June 2016) solar activity in the state, with the most solar capacity added to the program by date: 586 megawatts (MW), or 1 percent of California’s installed capacity, followed by 432 MW, or 0.4 percent of the state’s installed capacity.

As in prior reports, solar’s boom accelerated to 472 MW added during April. This growth follows the third quarter, when the industry accounted for an expansion of 11 MW at seven wind farm projects, while just three wind farm projects added another 50 MW, bringing total solar capacity to 1,003 MW at five (four wind farms) and 0.4 percent of the state’s available capacity.

Among solar companies, Wind Mobile’s capacity is the largest of the four, adding 432 MW in April compared to just 42 MW added at its three wind farms. The other wind farm additions were at two, five, seven and eight megawatts.

According to the report, wind’s total installed capacity at 4,838 MW is about six percent below its 2015 level, largely due to the addition of the largest commercial off-shore project in recent memory, the 5,000-megawatt Tully 2 wind farm, to the program.

The agency notes that wind’s growth accelerated after April to 462 MW added during July. The most significant projects in July involved the 704 MW Tullucos wind farm, which went online in July; the 1,200 MW Lago Vista solar park on Siskiyou County Road 25, which went onlin

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