Anz disappoints market with trading update

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Anz disappoints market with trading update

The Canadian government has issued a trading update for April-June. The announcement, which can be found below the table, said the government expec도박ted domestic activity to exceed $3.7 billion for the month of April, rising to $3.7 billion for the month of May, and reaching $4 billion for the month of June.

Canada’s GDP is expected to rise from the current estimate of $3.6 trillion, up slightly to $4.0 trillion, due to increased consumption and consumption for business activities.

Canadian industrial production increased for the second consecutive month at a rate of 1.5% compared to May.

Exports and imports are expected to 007카지노로얄climb 0.2% and 2%, respectively, while the trade balance remains balanced.

“Over the course of 2014, export expectations have been impacted by the weak price environment globally and the strong manufacturing sector in the U.S. As a result of this, we believe the F강남안마ebruary GDP update reflects an increase in exports,” said the release.

On the investment front, manufacturing activity continued to grow last month, growing at an annualized annual rate of 8.1%. Meanwhile, construction and energy sector activity contracted 1.5% last month, while retail sales slowed 1.3%.

The government is forecasting that gross domestic product will be $3.8 trillion, down 3.8% from $3.9 trillion in September.

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