Jazmine nixon is miss showgirl 2012-11-13 19:03:51 No

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Jazmine nixon is miss showgirl 2012-11-13 19:03:51 No.9462615


Anonymous 2012-11-13 19:03:51 No.9462615


i dont like nixus im no fan of creeper anymore but if you want a real fan its jazmine nixon 2012-11-13 19:03:51 No.9462615


Anonymous 2012-11-13 19:03:52 No.9462615


I don’t care if it’s her or not, people should know where she came from, I’m not even asking about her face, she’s nothing special unless you consider her in one of your favorites because her name was miss out on an album as i did.

She never did really grow on me. She came across as the type of girl that wanted to do anything she could to get some attention and would just do whatever her dad would tell her. I knew I liked her before I knew she didn’t even know me because she just kept asking if I wanted to go out with her or something. She did go out a few times and we’re not that crazy about each other but still.

She was never the best but I think she’s getting there 2012-11-13 19:03:52 No.9462615


Anonymous 2012-11-13 19:04:08 No.9462616


>I don’t really care whether they are fake or real

They don’t have to be if they are doing good and are ac바카라tually having fun 2012-11-13 19:04:08 No.9462616


Anonymous 2012-11-13 19:04:28 No.9462617


I don’t know if you already know, but if you have be더킹카지노en through a time where you have had many different people that you know do nothing for you and then you meet someone that you know is fake/fake again at the same time you are still confused about why you met them or didn’t meet them at all. Do not try to convi더킹카지노nce people of fake people.

Do whatever you have to, its your choice if you are going to do it or not. 2012-11-13 19:04:28 No.9462

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